Sunday, July 6, 2008

lemming list

1. Amlika Leave-In Conditioner - The Body Shop
2. Vitamin E Moisture Cream
3. MAC paint in Bare Canvas

4. MAC eye-shadows in
4.1 Illegal Cargo

4.2 Nocturnelle (or Hepcat)

4.3 Beautiful Iris


Izar said...

Aha! Another lemming list! I love these! Really cool products! Have you managed to get some of these already?

One of these days, I'm gonna get a Paint Pot too. They look great and so many women praise them. :)

I already got most of the stuff I wanted, which is kind of a miracle, as I'm usually very slow on this.

And how are you doing these days? I hope you're okay and you're having a great summer!

Take care!


Someone Loving said...

Hi, dear! :-)
Yeah, I actually got all but the leave-in conditioner, because the one month period whet they turn off hot water in Moscow is over for me, and I decided that I do not need a leave-in conditioner after all -)))))))) Since with hot water on I'd rather use a normal conditioner -))))