Sunday, July 6, 2008

MAC - Pinch O'Peach

I've finally found an ultimate blush!
Blush is actually the only make-up item I can't do without.
That is - if I would have to limit muself to just one make-up item, ut would be blush.
But untill recently I couldn't find a perfect one, so I had loads of all kinds of blushes at home, none of each I was quite happy with.
Now I am - thanks to MAC!

The shade is called Pinch O'Peach, it's a powder blush, and it belongs to the MAC range of Sheertone blushes. Anctually I'm amazed at the concept of sheetone blushes itself, so I might be getting more of those.
The one that I have now is really naturally looking, you can hardly use too much since it's 'sheer' and it really refreshens my face - exactly what I wanted from a blush. The 'peach' in the name is a but misleading I think. I was looking for a pink mat blush, when I came to the store, and that's exactly what it is.
A bit of me blushed :-))) :

Sorry about the quality, I don't know how much of the perfection can be actually seen, but this blush is the best! It's a natural tenderly pink color that makes me look years younger and having- slept-hours-more-last-night-than-the-truth-is. Am happy :-)

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Izar said...

Hmm, that stuff definitely doesn't look peach, rather a soft mauve. I have a blush from Everyday Minerals that's very similar: it's Best Friends, and even though it looks kinda scary in the pot, it applies a lovely soft rosy color, perfect for giving one a natural blush. :)

No wonder you like this stuff! ^_^