Sunday, July 6, 2008

lemming list

1. Amlika Leave-In Conditioner - The Body Shop
2. Vitamin E Moisture Cream
3. MAC paint in Bare Canvas

4. MAC eye-shadows in
4.1 Illegal Cargo

4.2 Nocturnelle (or Hepcat)

4.3 Beautiful Iris

MAC - Pinch O'Peach

I've finally found an ultimate blush!
Blush is actually the only make-up item I can't do without.
That is - if I would have to limit muself to just one make-up item, ut would be blush.
But untill recently I couldn't find a perfect one, so I had loads of all kinds of blushes at home, none of each I was quite happy with.
Now I am - thanks to MAC!

The shade is called Pinch O'Peach, it's a powder blush, and it belongs to the MAC range of Sheertone blushes. Anctually I'm amazed at the concept of sheetone blushes itself, so I might be getting more of those.
The one that I have now is really naturally looking, you can hardly use too much since it's 'sheer' and it really refreshens my face - exactly what I wanted from a blush. The 'peach' in the name is a but misleading I think. I was looking for a pink mat blush, when I came to the store, and that's exactly what it is.
A bit of me blushed :-))) :

Sorry about the quality, I don't know how much of the perfection can be actually seen, but this blush is the best! It's a natural tenderly pink color that makes me look years younger and having- slept-hours-more-last-night-than-the-truth-is. Am happy :-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

La Chasse aux Papillons - L`Artisan parfumeur

Bethe Morisot La Chasse aux Papillons. 1874

There is also a song by Georges Brassens called La Chasse aux Papillons, but I didn't find a good video for it, so here is another french chanson - Ce matin Là by Barbara It also very well reflects the mood of the perfume I am actually reviewing, in case it is not quite clear :-)))

So, the perfume is La Chasse aux Papillons
by L`Artisan parfumeur

This one -
The description on the company site is amazing - "Linden and citrus blossom - the whole summer medley of aromas are at the heart of “Chasing Butterflies”… A scent playing hide-and- seek amongst the orange and lemon trees. A siesta beneath the old lime tree… Butterflies dancing in an airborne fairy ring, fragrances of summer blossoms, of sweet and delicate tuberoses, wafting through their tiny shivering wings… Such are the scents caught with the butterfly net.
“Chasing Butterflies”... A fragrance drifting on a summer breeze, sunny heat over southern scents. The fragrance of sun-kissed skin - just simply that. To make summer last a little longer!"

I really couldn't describe this perfume any better. It is one of my favourite L`Artisan parfumeur fragrances, and I'm a L`Artisan parfumeur fan. La Chasse aux Papillons is a truly summer fragrance, but a sophisticated one, not your usual summer citrucy freshwater. It is delicate and complex, and it changes, and it may feel totally different depending on God Knows What - but always light and tender. Like a butterfly quietly sitting on your shoulder, while you are sleeping in a medow.