Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top-5 LUSH products

As I promised - My LUSH top-5.

Disclaimer: Being a newby, I haven't yet tried all the LUSH products (I suppose in a time I will :-)))), so this list is far from objective, but well, these 5 are my favourites so far.

I might update the list later.

#1 Creamy Candy Bath

It' my favoutite LUSH bubble bar so far - it smells like the Rok Star Soap, and the smell lingers for a long time. I remember after the first time I took a bath with it (by the way, I used only 1/3 of the bar and it made a vary foamy bath), I couldn't get - what is it that I smell all the time, wherever I go - something subtly sweet and gentle. Took me some time to get it :-))) Till the next bath :-)) It also makes my skin soft and nice, and my personality - bubblier :-)

#2 Aqua Mirabilis

It is an exfoliating massage bar that you use while in the shower - after shower gel, soap or whatever you prefer. You just slide it over your body or if you want it to go longer - rub it in your hands and then massage yourself with what is left on your hands. May be it's just because it was the first body exfoliator that I used in my life (long enough to be embarrased of never having used an exfoliator before), but I thought that what it did to my body was really a miracle. The thing is that the unnecessary hair that grow on my legs are very long inside (gosh, THIS is embarassing...and sort of gross... sorry), which results in me having the problem with ingrown hair since like 13. I thought it was just my bad luck and put up with it. Well. Aqua Mirabilis actually rid me of this problem! I can't even believe it myself. And it feels great too - the ground almond shells in combination with the oils produce fantastic sensation that you want to go on and on. I also adore the smell of it - something like cookies and milk - such a pity that it doesn't stay longer though.

#3 Soft Coeur

It is a massage bar that you use after shower or whenever you need a massage - or to give a massage ;-) The smell is divine - warm and sweet - it's not just honey or chocolate, but it's just something inexplicably beautiful an tasty. Makes you want to lick it. Which is ok, I guess, since this brown thing inside is the real chocolate :-)

#4 American Cream

Hair conditioner. My story about this one is a winter story. It's about how after using the American Cream on Sunday I went to my office on Monday and how when I enterd the building and took my cap off I immedialtely felt the smell of my conditioner. And not only me, but my co-workers, who smiled and said - what is this nice smell. :-)))) It's amazing how a hair conditioner (which also is VERY very good as a conditioner - that is, it totally serves its purpose, smoothing my hair and moisturizing it) can produce such an effect. Yeah, I also got an American Cream solid perfume, as soon as theay started selling SP in Russia. I like it too - would have been better though had the smell been stronger and more eh.. persistent. But it is the conditioner in my top-5, not the SP, because the idea of your hair smelling of strawberry vanilla is somewhat sexier, I guess. :)

#5 Lemony Flutter

Lemony Flutter is a cuticle butter. Actually nail care is one of my obsessions - I like nail polishes and I love it when my nails are done and are looking good. However, because I lack self-discipline and sometimes completely forget that I have nails to care about whatsoever and neglect them for TOO LONG (no exagerations), at times I was just horrified with my nails. By the time that I remembered to look at my nails, they were so awfully shabby, that it was actually stressfull to even look at them. :-))))) And since I like my nails to look nice (see above), I had to overcome the stress and do something about it. Which at this point took some effort. Well, rejoice, this long and sad story has a happy ending! Lemony Flutter! Partly because it is LUSH and I want to use it again and again - and don't forget to. Partly due to its great softening qualities - it has all kinds of oils and butters in it, and it is very thick and nourishing. But it helpd me maintain my nails the way I like them to be :-))) Effortlessly! The cuticle on my nails basically stopped growing, so all I need to do is to gently move it away about once a week. Highly recommended!


Izar said...

We seem to love the same things. :-)

I remember when I first took a bath with Creamy Candy I kept giggling like a girl cause I had the sweet smelling foam almost to the top of my head: you see, I used up the entire bar. :-D

American Cream was also something I loved when I tried it: it made my hair even thicker and stronger that it originally is and smell like vanilla-flavoured candy.

Aqua Mirabilis was and still is the best body scrub I've used to date. It just can't be beaten.

I once bought Soft Coeur for my best friend and her hubby: I loved the scent and so did they, fortunately.

Haven't tried Lemony Flutter yet...

Someone Loving said...

Oh, I actually start liking more and more LUSH products...:-))))

Izar said...

No wonder: they truly are addictive. :-) The only reason I'm not buying any nowadays (and consequentially not reviewing them either) is that I don't have much money yet (I only started working a few days ago) but the minute I get my hands on some money I'll be heading towards the nearest LUSH store and stock up on goodies.

bethany said...

you should try twilight i think it smells similer to creamy candy bar but in bath bomb form