Saturday, March 29, 2008

Petite Cherie - Annick Goutal

I've been crazy about perfumes for a while already, spending on them way more than a sensible woman should :-)))))
I mean, it's not like anything a sensible woman can't live without. Unfortunately for my bank account, I tend to like the perfumes that are on the costly side too.

Here's one of them - the one I fell in love with today, and still haven't had a chance to buy. But the more I think about it the more it looks like it is inevitable. Sensible as I am,... eh, no, I don't think I can keep living without it for a long time :-)

Here's my beauty -

Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal.

Official description:

A fruity fragrance, covered with a ripple of peach and pear, drunk with the scent of sensual rose musk, standing royal in its vanilla frame, all sprinkled with the powdery scent of refreshing cut grass. Sweet, musky and sassy, mischievous and mouth-watering: the irresistible fragrance of childhood.

Olfactory family: Fruity, floral, musky

Composition: Pear, peach, rose musk, cut grass, vanilla

My impression: "Fragrance of childhood" is true indeed. It's very innocent and light, tender and sweet, and fresh and wet. It feels very clean and cozy, it is a smell you want you home to smell like. This is the perfume that awakens a child in me. Actually, strange as it may sound, that is why I'm considering buying it for my mum :-)) And it is a very youthful smell too. But it would sound good on my mum too.

It also comes in a butterfly bottle, which looks almost like a toy. So pretty. So charming. So petite cherie...


the Muse said...

oh god I want this so bad but the price tag is absolute bloody murder!

$230 USD! Ahhh! *falls on the floor*


Someone Loving said...

Exactly :-))))
There are tragically few fragrances that I like that are even AFFORDABLE :-)))) Considering that it's not like something you can't live without :-)
Thinking of the things I could have bought instead is killing the sensible woman in me. And by the time she is killed, the silly little thing in me is smelling deliciously and is just plain happy! :-))))))